When visitors and guests arrive at our premises they are given a VISITORS AND CONTRACTORS GUIDE.  Should you not be given one when visiting us, please ask security at the gatehouse for a copy.

Visitors and contractors guide to:

  • ACE policies
  • Legal obligations
  • General duties
  • Health&Safety and Environment responsibilities
  • Energy conservation
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Legal Obligations

ACE is committed to full compliance with all legal requirements applicable to its operations.  All visitors and contactors must likewise comply.  For details of any legal requirements applicable to your work or visit please refer to Anthony MacDonald at

Please read these brief guidance notes – they are aimed at protecting the health and safety of all of us and promoting environment and energy preservation.

  • Before commencing your visit ensure that an ACE employee, who knows the environmental and safety requirements, accompanies you.
  • Take care of your own health & safety and your environment as well as the health & safety of those around you.
  • Co-operate with ACE host at all times.
  • Carry out any lawful order made in relation to health & safety and environmental management.
  • Report all unsafe acts and conditions to your ACE host.
  • Report all incidents, including near misses, to your ACE host.
  • Do not interfere with, damage or misuse any item provided in the interest of health & safety in the workplace.
  • Establish the existence of, and then follow any policies and procedures, including safe working, that relate to your visit.
  • Contractors must enter into a written agreement regarding the environment and health & safety responsibilities, liabilities and commitments.

Safety & Health and environment responsibilities

Fire prevention:

  • Handle flammable materials with care (whether using or disposing)
  • Do not smoke in NO SMOKING areas – only the parking area is designated for smoking
  • Do not leave electrical appliances on while unattended.


  • Be observant and obey all ACE signage

Conservation of resources

  • Conserve resources such as water, electricity and paper
  • Recycle waste – paper is shredded, glass is placed in the glass recycle bin at the waste area

Hazardous materials

  • Handle all chemicals with care
  • Avoid mixing of incompatible substances
  • Wear the specified protective equipment and avoid spills
  • Report any spills or leaks to your ACE representative immediately
  • In case of spillage of corrosive chemicals onto your person take an emergency shower or use the eye wash station immediately

Waste disposal

  • Do not dispose of anything into the storm water drains
  • Always separate waste in accordance with the provided waste containers
  • Take care with chemicals, oil and oily rags, fuel (including diesel, petrol and gas), fluorescent tubes and used batteries.

Equipment and vehicles

  • Beware of moving machinery and vehicles.  Watch your clothes
  • Handle sharp equipment with care
  • Ensure that you use the correct equipment for the job
  • Ensure that you strictly adhere to all lockout procedures
  • Only drive vehicles for which you hold a valid licence and that are roadworthy
  • All vehicles must have appropriate hazchem markings
  • Ensure that you know the transport emergency procedure before you drive off
  • Always lift items with care to avoid back strain
  • Do not use pallets, drums or product etc as ladders or climb up on anything other that ladders
  • Always ensure the ladders you use have been maintained and are in good condition
  • Take care not to drop anything form a ladder that may fall on someone below


  • No intoxicated or inebriated person will be permitted at ACE workplaces


  • If you are allocated a workstation during your visit keep it clean and tidy


  • Never move any stacked product on your own
  • Always stack items carefully to a maximum of three to five times the base height


  • Be aware of the air quality, including noise
  • Report any suspected problems to your ACE host and vacate the area

After your visit

  • Remove all waste material resulting from your time at ACE, or dispose of it as directed by your ACE host
  • Wash your hands
  • Leave the area in the same or better condition than when you arrived

The ACE building is designed with many safety features for the protection of people and the environment.  Nevertheless it is prudent to be aware of emergency procedures which have been instituted.

If the alarm is sounded:

  • Follow the exit signs
  • Go calmly to the assembly point at the security office by the gate
  • Do not run but go quickly
  • Do not stop to collect anything
  • Report to the person taking roll call
  • If you notice anyone missing report it to the fire marshal
  • Do not leave the assembly point until instructed to
  • Await the all clear before re-entering the building