The Company

ACE management style is relaxed and informal and consists of teamwork.  This enables us to make quick decisions and adjust timeously to changing circumstances in order to meet any challenges and continue to offer you our quality service.


Everything we do is governed according to SABS ISO principles as set out in our Company Manual that is available for inspection at our premises.


Processes and procedures are rigidly monitored to ensure that we meet our high quality standards.  Quality isn’t an event, a decision or a programme with starting and finishing dates.It is about ongoing top performance, integrating excellence into production, planning and distribution in our inter-relationships with our customers, suppliers and amongst ourselves.


To demonstrate our commitment to a quality management system we decided to seek SABS ISO 9001 listing in June 1995 and on our first attempt we achieved certification, after only six months.  The maintenance and continued improvement of our standard is ongoing and an integral part of our operation.


We at ACE are committed to protection of people and the environment and to this end we sought certification of the International Standard for environmental management, SABS ISO 14001 listing in February 1998, through the SABS.  We also became a member of the Chemical Allied Industries Association (CAIA), subscribing fully to their Responsible Care Initiative programme.


ACE regards its commitment to qualify, as reflected in its policy statement, as fundamental to all its business operations.  The Management of ACE is committd to implementing and maintainig formal quality systems in the orginazation in accordance with SABS ISO 9001:2008 and SABS ISO 14000:2004.


ACE shall not undertake any activity where customers satisfactions is not possible for reasons of capacity limit or because it is beyond our normal expertise or for any other reason.  ACE shall ensure that all employees understand and adhere to this policy.