The Company


Customer care is a passion with us.  Our sales staff are highly trained, courteous and competent to attend to all customer requirements.  They will listen tentatively to requirements and any complaints and give timeous feedback.


From time to time customers will be invited to “open days” at our premises to meet our administrative personnel, enjoy snacks and beverages with us and have conducted tours in order to gain first-hand knowledge of our facilities and operations.


We place a very high emphasis on customer satisfaction and for this purpose have installed a documented process to ensure compliance.  Our customer care programme would not be complete without a procedure for recording and resolving complaints.

All complaints are recorded in a special register and followed up at regular management meetings until resolved with appropriate action.  Results are then conveyed to customers.


Please make use of our feedback form for any dissatisfaction, complaints or even suggestions.  They will be attended to immediately.




The purpose of this process is to identify, clarify and make provision for all customer requirements.  Contracts and orders shall be reviewed before commitment ensuring that the customer and ACE
agree on:

  • The customer’s needs;  that is, the requirements have been adequately defined and documented.
  • Differences in the specification on the acceptance of the order by ACE, compared to those as defined in the initial enquiry,
  • Working arrangements including delivery specifications,
  • The contract fee or the basis for charging.

ACE identifies any additional requirements not stated by the customer.



The objectives of this procedures are to ensure that customer requirements are met and that quality improvement is ongoing by:

  • Adequately and clearly defining and documenting requirements.
  • Resolving any differences between initial enquiries and order or tenders.
  • Reviewing ACE’s capabilities to meet requirements prior to accepting an order.
  • Ensuring that potential hazards of chemicals are made available to customer to enable them to handle the product responsibility.
  • Minimising the impact on the environment of chemicals sold by ACE to the customer.
  • Initiating, where necessary, preventive action and controls to avoid customer dissatisfaction.
  • Continually review service requirements and achievements to identify opportunities for service quality improvements.