The Company

Our Energy policy objectives and goals include:


Energy is critical to ACE organizational operations and poses both a financial cost and an environmental and societal cost by depleting resources and contributing to problems such as climate change.
ACE cannot control energy prices, government policies or the global economy, but ACE can improve the way that energy is managed in the organization by maximizing the use of its energy sources and energy-related assets, thus reducing both energy cost and consumption. 
ACE also aims to make positive contributions toward reducing depletion of energy resources and mitigating worldwide effects of energy use, such as global warming.
ACE adopts the approach of ISO 50001, the Energy Management System standard, which is intended to accomplish the following:
•    Assist ACE in making better use of existing energy consuming assets
•    Create transparency and facilitate communication on the management of energy resources
•    Promote energy management best practices and reinforce good energy management behaviours
•    Assist facilities in evaluating and prioritizing the implementation of new supply chain
•    Facilitate energy management improvements for greenhouse gas emission reduction projects
•    Allow integration with ACE’s other organizational management systems, being QMS and EMS
In support of the above ACE commits to:
•    Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy 
•    Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy
•    Use data to better understand and make decisions concerning energy use and consumption
•    Measure the results
•    Review the effectiveness of the policy
•    Continually improve energy management.
ISO 50001 will be implemented and integrated with ACE’s other management system standards.