The Company


Our “Quality without Compromise” objectives and goals include:


  • Customer satisfaction consistent with professional standards and ethics.
  • Continual improvement of our services.
  • Giving consideration to the requirements of society and the environment in compliance with our environmental and health and safety policy.
  • Efficiency in providing products and service.
  • Flexible and fast responses to market opportunities.

The ACE policy is thus directed towards achieving the following:

  • Promoting customer loyalty and repeat and referred business through providing a prospective customer with an assurance that products and services supplied to an order shall comply with an agreed specification.
  • Competitive advantage through improved organisational capabilities.
  • Improving managerial and technical skills and to instil the need for self-discipline and attention to detail in all personnel.
  • Creation of value for stakeholders through optimisation of costs and resources.
  • Setting measurable objectives and targets and developing quality management programmes for improvement.